What You Need to Know About Patio Covers

December 15, 2022

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Having a patio is a great way to extend your home to the outdoors, allowing you to provide extra space for you and your loved ones to commune and connect. However, having a standalone patio isn't enough; you need to take the experience in full circle by adding a patio cover. 

Patio covers make your outdoor living space more inviting, letting you enjoy your yard while getting enough protection from environmental elements. This allows you to cozy up even when it's raining outside or stay cool on hot summer days on your patio. 

But installing a patio cover isn't straightforward as it seems. In fact, there are many things to consider, such as the height of your patio cover, what materials to use, and how much shade you need. 

Seeing as patio covers require more thought and technicalities for installation, it's best to work with a team of experienced outdoor contractors to help enhance your outdoor space and install your patio.

Where Should You Install Your Patio Cover?

Of course, you'd want to place your patio cover over your patio. Since most patios are installed in a home's backyard, you can easily attach a patio cover to the back portion of your house. 

Besides that, you can also put the covers over outdoor kitchens, dining areas, and lounge spaces. However, ensure that these covers can be detached and attached since there are set regulations related to outdoor structures. 

How Tall Should It Be?

Perhaps you're wondering how high or low your patio cover should be, but it really depends on the structure you already have. With that being said, when deciding on the height of your patio, ensure that you're considering the dimensions of nearby structures.

Going too high, chances are, you might not get enough protection from the sun and other weather conditions, but if you go too low, you might not have enough headroom and space, taking out much comfort. 

With that being said, you want your patio cover to be between eight to ten feet tall; this way, you'll provide enough space and headroom for people to gather. Additionally, this height will also work if you wish to add some light fixtures to your space as well.

Why Should I Get a Patio Cover?

One of the biggest reasons you should get a patio cover is that it helps protect your outdoor furniture and fixtures. And seeing as it protects your outdoor belongings, it also saves you from spending on costly patio repairs since you'll minimize the damage of wear and tear by having a cover. 

Another thing many people tend to forget is that when you add a feature in your home, such as a patio cover, you increase the value of your property. So if you're thinking of putting your home out on the market soon, consider adding a patio cover to entice homebuyers. 

The Bottom Line: Enhance the Aesthetics and Functions of Your Outdoor Living Space with a Patio Cover

No doubt, having an outdoor area can enhance your living experience at home. Now that you have an extension of your home outdoors, you have another area for you and your loved ones to communicate and interact. Of course, you want the best contractors and suppliers to help you with this project to ensure that your patio cover is installed to perfection. 

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