What Type of Insect Screen Is Best?

March 6, 2023

Whether it's time to upgrade with replacement window screens, or you are ready to screen windows of your pergola for a bug-free summer - call us! We'd be happy to talk to you.

With the warmer weather fast approaching, now is the time to start thinking about those tiny insects that ruin our outdoor gatherings. If you're a homeowner in Austin or south central Texas, you know that keeping the bugs out is a top priority.

But with so many different types of insect screens on the market, how do you know which is right for your home?

Giving Your Outdoor Space the Benefits of a Window Screen

When choosing the best insect screen for you, you must consider both your immediate and long-term needs. While a store-bought temporary window screen mesh may work for a short season, they are not designed to last long-term.

From tighter weave to ensure pesky bugs are kept out to good outward visibility so you can enjoy your views without any obstruction, you will want the perfect marriage of function and style. Every square inch of the screen material should be rust-resistant and durable, so it will last a long time with large enough openings to make cleaning simple and quick. These combined criteria will give you the best exterior and window screen options to suit your lifestyle and needs.

All Types of Insect Screens Come With Their Own Set of Benefits

Just like a window screen, an exterior screen solution is a great way to provide the outer areas of your home with insect protection while still preserving outward visibility. Different insect screens are available on the market, each designed with specific benefits.

Some screen material is designed explicitly to keep out tiny insects with a more robust insect mesh screening technology. A different option might offer solar screening to enhance sun protection and lower energy bills on top of insect protection. Alternatively, other insect screens will be made without metal mesh, giving them the best outward visibility without sun protection or energy savings benefits. Ultimately, insect screen material types and options vary greatly, and research is needed to find the best window screen suited for your needs!

Custom-Built Motorized Retractable Screen Solutions

When it comes to insect screens, the most popular option is the retractable motorized insect screen. Retractable screens are highly praised for their customizable options and excellent durability, making them a reliable way to protect your living space from tiny insect intruders. Motorized screens can cover porches, windows, and doors in special pergolas or as part of a comprehensive floor-to-ceiling solution.

Made from high-quality materials that not can withstand tears, they will not show fewer signs of age over time, whether they're fabric, vinyl-coated polyester, or fiberglass screens. Whether you're looking for a durable insect screening to protect your pool area or just seeking extra peace of mind in your home, motorized retractable screens are worth it to make your outdoor space an extension of your home.

DIY Aluminum Screen Options

Due to misconceptions about customized exterior and window screen solutions, many turn to DIY options based on aluminum material. While they may be advertised as naturally pet-resistant, customized pet screens would offer a better guarantee of covering every inch than a roll of aluminum screening.

It's important to note that aluminum screens are challenging to install. While these screens offer more sunlight and a higher level of protection against insects than an exterior space without them, it depends on the installation quality.

Temporary, Affordable Insect Screen Mesh

For those in a temporary residence, magnetic plastic mesh screens can be a great, affordable way to ensure bugs don't invade your home without permanent home alterations.

Although they do not offer the same protection as retractable motorized screens, these insect and solar screens still allow fresh air in the home, daytime privacy, and (mostly) easy access in and out of your space.

Cleaning Your Insect Screens Is Just as Important as Cleaning Your Window Screens

Cleaning the exterior screens and doors of your home or business is an essential part of window maintenance that you shouldn't overlook. Regularly wiping down your outdoor window screens with a gentle, heavy-duty cleaning cloth protects them from dirt and debris buildup that can interfere with their superior protective qualities.

The same goes for your exterior bug screens and shades! This will ultimately keep the entire screen and material in superior condition. So, don't forget to clean outdoors for superior window performance!

Call Treaty Oak Shades Co, Your Local Experts in Insect and Pet Screens

Insect screens are a handy tool to help keep your home free from bugs and pests. If you need more thorough coverage or a unique design solution, reach out to Treaty Oak Shades to outfit your home with the perfect insect protection. After all, it's always better—and more peaceful--to be prepared!

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