Sheer Horizontal & Vertical

Bring an elegant look that bathes your room in soft, relaxing light, without sacrificing views of the outside and natural ambient light.

Sheer Horizontal & Vertical Shades by Treaty Oak Shade Co.

  • Sheer Horizontal Features:
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Sheer Horizontal Features:

Soften up any sunny day for a more modern feel inside!

Sheer horizontal shades are perfect if you want an elegant look that bathes your room in soft, relaxing light. If you desire to diffuse the bright sunlight without blocking out all of it and still enjoy what’s going on outside, these shades soften up any sunny day for a more modern feel inside.

These contemporary-style shades can be manipulated for privacy and light control with two layers of sheer fabric with a fabric vane in-between. Increase your privacy by pulling the cord to rotate the vanes closed or keep them open to enjoy a veiled view of the outside.

Natural light can change the mood of your room. With filtering and darkening options, you can showcase a different tone with each season.

You can use sheer fabric to prevent damage from UV light which would otherwise occur over time.

Sheer shades are great for a room with a window. They can be closed or opened, depending on the view.

Ideal for those that enjoy a view of the outdoors but also need privacy.

A compact and sleek design makes them light enough to be used in windows up to 96″ wide.

Sheer Horizontal Specs:

Manufacturing & Hardware:

Light filtering and room darkening colors available.

Unique construction features two layers of soft, sheer material support fabric vanes that tilt similarly to the slat of a standard blind. 

Cleaning is best done by lightly vacuuming inside the hollow, horizontal space between sheer fabric slats with a vacuum attachment.

Automation & Operations:

Standard continuous cord loop

Motorized options

Battery-powered or Continuous

Home automation system integration

Remote control or smartphone options

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Sheer Horizontal shades?

Sheer Horizontal shades are sophisticated shades that combine draperies, shades, and blinds into one exquisite and stylish design. They are constructed of soft fabric vanes suspended between 2 panels of sheer fabric. When vanes are open, light is softly diffused, and when they are closed, you gain more privacy. Sheer Horizontal shades roll up and disappear into a sleek headrail for a completely unobstructed view.

How do you clean Sheer Horizontal shades?

Sheer shades have a delicate fabric, so you have to be careful when cleaning, but this isn’t a task you’ll have to do too frequently. Dirt and grime can be removed with a sponge and mild dish soap or light vacuuming with the brush attachment. Avoid strong cleaners with ammonia or disinfectants as they could damage your fabric. 

What is opacity?

Different types of window treatments are created for various purposes. Regarding shade fabric used in window treatments, opacity is how much light passes through the material. There are three types: sheer fabric that allows light to pass through easily, medium opacity shades that still allow some sun, and room darkening shades with low-light filtering abilities.

What is the continuous cord loop on sheer horizontal shades?

The continuous cord loop is an innovative lift control feature with some styles of roller and outdoor shades and optional for natural shades. This system provides a continuous loop lift cord with a clutch assembly that works together to raise and lower the shade easier.

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