Roman Shades

Get the look and texture of drapes with the function of a shade with Roman Shades that combines light control and stylish decor versatility.

Roman Shades by Treaty Oak Shade Co

Roman Shades by Treaty Oak Shade Co.

  • Roman Shades Features:
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Roman Shades Features:

Softness and shade, custom-made to add elegance to any room!

The beauty of drapes with the functionality that only Roman Shades can offer. Roman Shades provide a beautiful and soft appearance while also providing the functionality of a full shade. They're not just an aesthetically appealing way to shade your windows but also offer versatility with customizable liners that can provide light control (blocking or blackout) depending on your needs.

Whether you need help keeping things private from prying eyes, blocking sunlight during sleep time, or adding some pattern and texture to any space — choose our custom Roman shades today.

Elegant, classic window coverings

Keep your home cool from the sun while accenting your interior decor

Hundreds of designer fabrics available in a variety of patterns and colors

Many natural fabrics available such as woven wood, grass, and more

You may select optional decorative, solar-powered, privacy, or room-darkening features

Choose between traditional hobbled-fold and flat-panel styles

Roman Shades Specs:

Manufacturing & Hardware:

Flat Roman – Hangs flat when lowered, clean display, and folds into 6” interval folds when raised.

Classic Roman – Inverted seams create precision folds when raised. Looks best in solids or vertical stripes.

Soft Roman – Layered folds, draped and overlapping.

Relaxed – A casual look, with a gentle curve along the bottom hem. 

Reverse Classic – The design reverses the fabric's ribs, so horizontal seams are presented as raised ribbing.

Automation & Operations:

Motorized – battery-powered or continuous

Cord lock and loop

Cordless options

Home Automation Integration with smartphone control

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What Other Customers Have Asked:

Frequently Asked Questions

How can roman shades benefit my room?

Roman shades are one of today's trendiest and most versatile window treatments. Shades provide light control, privacy, and can be customized to fit any specific situation – from a clean flat shade for the bedroom or living room down to something more casual like relaxed or London style in whatever fabric you desire.

What is the best type of roman shade for my windows?

Before selecting the right window shade, take a moment to consider your personal preferences and the uniqueness of each style. The most popular types are flat, relaxed, London (aka tulip), or balloon. If you like a clean look and want less fiddling with your shades, it is best to choose a flat style. Flat windows quickly develop an easily recognizable signature look that is as sophisticated as it is classic.

Which fabrics and trims are best for a roman shade?

These days, many attractive fabrics are available for purchase, and many can be found at a reasonable price. Cotton blends and linen's texture provide a refreshing effect to your decor and add the finishing touches to window treatments without overpowering them. When picking up fabric to use for shades, look for one of medium weight and a width of at least 54 inches. Heavier materials can be challenging to control because they tend to strain the cord you are using. You should also know that online sources often have flaws in their fabric, providing mixed results.

Do Roman Shades block out the sun?

While sunlight can be an asset to home furnishings, it does not always offer a pleasant experience. A Roman shade, in many cases, will block light from entering a room, but this is not true in all cases. If you want to control the light in your room further, it is important to use a lining with thick or sun-blocking material. Sun blocking linings will make sure that there isn't any external light coming into the home. This underlayer may be largely undetectable when hung properly.

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