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Get the look and texture of drapes with the function of a shade with Roman Shades that combines light control and stylish decor versatility.


Roman Shades by Treaty Oak Shade Co.

  • Roman Shades Features:
  • Roman Shades Specs:
Roman Shades Features:

Softness and shade, custom-made to add elegance to any room!

The beauty of drapes with the functionality that only Roman Shades can offer. Roman Shades provide a beautiful and soft appearance while also providing the functionality of a full shade. They’re not just an aesthetically appealing way to shade your windows, doors, or French doors, but also offer versatility with customizable liners that can provide light control (blocking or blackout) depending on your needs.

Whether you need help keeping things private from prying eyes, blocking sunlight during sleep time, or adding some pattern and texture to any space — choose our custom new Roman shades today.

Elegant, classic window coverings

Keep your home cool from the sun while accenting your interior decor

Hundreds of designer fabrics available in a variety of patterns and colors

Many natural fabrics available such as woven wood, grass, and more

You may select optional decorative, solar-powered, privacy, or room-darkening features

Choose between traditional hobbled-fold and flat-panel styles

Roman Shades Specs:

Manufacturing & Hardware:

Flat Roman – Hangs flat when lowered, clean display, and folds into 6” interval folds when raised.

Classic Roman – Inverted seams create precision folds when raised. Looks best in solids or vertical stripes.

Soft Roman – Layered folds, draped and overlapping.

Relaxed – A casual look, with a gentle curve along the bottom hem. 

Reverse Classic – The design reverses the fabric’s ribs, so horizontal seams are presented as raised ribbing.

Automation & Operations:

Motorized – battery-powered or continuous

Cord lock and loop

Cordless options

Home Automation Integration with smartphone control

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Frequently Asked Questions About Roman Shades

How can roman shades benefit my room?

Roman shades are one of today’s trendiest and most versatile window treatments. These flat roman shades offer the ability to control light and privacy and can be customized to fit any specific situation – from a clean flat fold shade for the bedroom or living room to something more casual like relaxed or London style in whatever fabric you desire.

A roman shade consists of a thin fabric tube rolled up into the window blinds. A narrow wooden or metal head bar is attached across the top of the shade to hold it in place and provide support for opening and closing. The bottom of the shade hangs down from the back of the headrail with “the fringe” – a piece of thin fabric or braid sewn down on itself in a zig-zag pattern.

The look of the roman shade is classy, stylish, and looks great when opened up to let in light from any window. They provide a clean, modern appearance that is perfect for an office or studio apartment because they do not interfere with the view outside and let plenty of natural light come through when opened. These cordless shades will not fall like traditional window blinds or shutters, making them perfect for homes with pets, children, and more.

Treaty Oak Shade Company of Austin, TX, is the premier provider of custom flat roman shades, roman blinds, and any interior and exterior shade product to protect your home from the Texas sun. Contact us today to get started on your home or business if you live in the communities surrounding Austin, Texas.

What is the best type of roman shade for my windows?

Before selecting the right window shade, take a moment to consider your personal preferences and the uniqueness of each style. The most popular types are flat, relaxed, London (aka tulip), or balloon.

If you like a clean look and want less fiddling with your shades, it is best to choose a flat style. Flat windows quickly develop an easily recognizable signature look as sophisticated as a classic. The flat style also has a sheer light filtering lining, making it easy to see out and can help provide shade from the sun without changing your view.

Relaxed roman shades are great for those who want a clean look but need more insulation. The relaxed style is efficient and provides excellent heat protection, making them perfect for living rooms, kitchens, and dens. The relaxed style is a good choice for those who cannot control the height of the blinds or want greater insulation from cold or heat. Relaxed shades can be made in virtually any fabric, providing a stylish look that fits practically any window.

The London (aka tulip) roman shade is ideal for anyone who wants more insulation and privacy. The relaxed style features a thicker headrail that provides just enough insulation for those who want to keep the sun out of their home without interfering with the view outside. This is an excellent choice for windows near your porch, deck, patio, pool, hot tub, or other outdoor space where you need to maintain some level of privacy and want to let in natural light.

Balloon roman shades are perfect for the “afternoon sun” room or home office. The relaxed balloon style shades feature a thicker fabric that provides exceptional insulation, making them ideal during the winter months when sunlight tends to be harshest. Balloon roman shades can be made with virtually any material and can be cut to fit any size and shape of the window.

Treaty Oak Shade Company’s team of experts can help you make an informed decision about which style of roman shade will be most beneficial for your home. Contact us online today to start designing your window coverings! Our aim is to provide the most comprehensive shade solutions for residential and commercial properties in the greater Austin, Texas, area and surrounding communities.

Which fabrics and trims are best for a roman shade?

These days, many attractive sheer fabrics are available for purchase, and many can be found at a reasonable price. Cotton blends and linen’s texture provide a refreshing effect to your decor and add the finishing touches to window treatments without overpowering them. Available for openings of all sizes, including shallow windows, doors, French doors, and larger windows.

When picking up fabric to use for roman shades or roman blinds, look for medium weight and a width of at least 54 inches. Heavier materials can be challenging to control because they tend to strain the cord you are using. You should also know that online sources often have flaws in their fabric, providing mixed results.

There are so many options available today that it is possible to find precisely the right color and trim style to fit your particular decor while ensuring your shades will work with your window frame. For an easy way to add color or pattern to your shade, consider trims. These trims should be ordered based on the width needed for each shade and can add a nice finishing touch to your custom roman shades.

For custom shade solutions throughout Austin, TX, contact Treaty Oak Shade Company. Serving Bee Cave, Cedar Park, Dripping Springs, Horseshoe Bay, Lakeway, and more through central Texas, we can transform your indoor and outdoor spaces with the best shade products in the industry.

Do roman shades block out the sun?

While sunlight can be an asset to home furnishings, it does not always offer a pleasant experience. Roman shades, in many cases, offer light filtering that will slightly limit light from entering a room, but this is not true in all cases. If you want to control the light in your room further, it is essential to use a lining with thick or sun-blocking material. A blackout liner will ensure that there isn’t any external light coming into the home. This underlayer may be essentially undetectable when hung properly.

Any shade will somewhat limit the sun but to varying degrees. Roman shades are more known for their light filtering qualities for a pleasurable indoor experience, but they do not block UV rays, provide room darkening, or completely block the sun.

Add elegance to your windows with custom-made roman shades from Treaty Oak Shade Company. From rolling shades to plantation shutters, motorized blinds, and more, we can find the right products for your home. We serve Bee Cave, Cedar Park, Dripping Springs, Horseshoe Bay, Lakeway, and surrounding communities in central Texas. Contact us online to schedule your free in-home design consultation.

Finding the right shades for your home should not be a challenge. Treaty Oak Shade Company provides you with the best roman shade materials, styles, and options for your needs. We’ll show you how easy it is to choose custom window treatments that are ideal for your decorating style. Contact us today to schedule your free in-home consultation today to find out more about your options.

If you’re looking for solar shades to block out the sun, motorized blinds, motorized roller shades, and plantation shutters would do an excellent job. We strive to make it a hassle-free process to get your home or business the best roman shades, blinds, and window coverings. So if you’re looking for a good company that will provide you with quality service and professional installations, give us a call today.

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