Roll-Up Solar Shades

Bring comfort to your outdoor living spaces, deck, pergola, or poolside enclosure with roll-up solar shades and screens. Elegant and timeless to match any aesthetic, block heat, glare, and UV rays with a contemporary and clean accent.

Motorized Shades and Window Treatments for Your Home

Roll-Up Solar Screens by Treaty Oak Shade Co.

  • Roll-Up Solar Shade Features:
  • Roll-Up Solar Shade Specs:
Roll-Up Solar Shade Features:

If heat and glare render your outdoor living area unusable, we have the perfect solution! 

Improve your outdoor living space with a stylish, modern, and functional custom shade solution! Our roller shades provide UV protection, privacy, and ventilation management for decks, pergolas, poolside enclosures, or patios to mitigate the effects of sun and wind. With timeless style, a roll-up solar shade offer an elegant accent to complement your exterior design. 

Protect your space from harsh weather conditions without compromising scenic beauty or style.

Custom built for exterior openings and widths extending up to 25 feet. Perfect for exterior patios, outdoor living areas, windows, retractable wall systems, sliding doors, French doors, and more.

Reduce temperature, diffuse glaring sunlight, and provide a barrier against high winds and pesky insects.

Automation systems and controls bring comfort and relief from the sun at the touch of a button!

Roll-Up Solar Shade Specs:

Manufacturing & Hardware:

Customize to your style and aesthetic with a vast selection of fabrics from Textilene, Mermet, Ferrari, and more

Outdoor-rated hardware and custom manufacturing by Rainier and Sunair

Variable header box sizes available in 3”, 4”, and 5” for a seamless transition

Tackle tricky and difficult installations with available side channels, side tracks, or side cable options.

Automation & Operations:

Innovative remote control options for home automation integration with Smartphone controls

Somfy control tools for motorized systems 

Available weather sensors include wind, sun, and combination.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are solar screens installed on the outside of a window or door?

Roll-up solar screens are installed on the exterior of windows and doors because they are a great way to block the sun's heat and glare before it reaches your windows. Unlike interior window treatments that offer only shade and privacy, exterior solar screens also provide proactive defense against heat, reducing temperatures. This sun protection from specialty the fabric of roller shades helps reduce the load on your air conditioner and save energy costs.

Solar shades also provide a layer of insulation that slows heat transfer into or out of a room. These heat reduction properties make roller shades more effective at reducing heating and cooling costs than blinds, curtains, or drapes by themselves. Outdoor rollup shades, exterior-solar-shades, solar screen patio covers, and screen porch roll up shades are great ways to keep your home more pleasant during extreme temperatures.

Treat Oak Shade Co. is the premier provider of interior and exterior roller shades and solar shades in Austin, TX, and the surrounding areas. Call now to start restoring your outdoor living spaces and improving your indoor spaces with personalized roller shade and solar screen ideas.

Can you see through a roll-up solar shade?

Yes, solar shades use fabric that is see-through and only slightly reduces visibility. The visibility is dependent on the tightness of the fabric weave of the material used. A tighter fabric weave offers better protection from the sun and weather but limits visibility slightly more.

Solar screen fabric is made of either woven or knitted mesh. Woven mesh sun shade rolls of fabrics are made of tough fibers like plastic, vinyl, aluminum, and fiberglass. The color can come from the fabric weave itself (dyed weaves) or through infusing another material into the weave (dyed and laminated weaves).

The blackest shades come from vinyl or fiberglass, while more robust fabrics like woven polyethylene offer more transparency.

By applying coatings to the solar screen fabric before it's sewn into a shade roll, manufacturers can increase strength and durability without sacrificing visibility. Some of these coatings also cut down on glare, further increasing the amount of shade provided. These coatings and shading properties make solar shades for screened porch and roll up shades for patio spaces valuable additions to your home.

Treat Oak Shade Co. in Austin, TX, and the nearby regions are your one-stop shop for all of your window coverings and solar screens needs at an affordable price. Get started today on making your outside living areas more comfortable with custom shade solutions and roller shades by calling right now.

How large can a roll-up solar shade be made?

A solar screens can be custom manufactured for any window, door, or door system spanning up to 25 feet. Capable of large spans makes solar shades perfect for both commercial and residential use. These expansive options make them perfect for patio roll-up sun shades.

Roll-up solar shades are also perfect for unusual shapes, including arches, half-circles, or multi-light doors. Custom shaped roller shades are available upon request at no additional cost. For specialized situations, homeowners can use indoor solar shade fabric by the yard to minimize heat induction into their homes through windows.

The debate of roller shades vs solar shades is somewhat meaningless and has more to do with where the shade is located. Solar shades tend to be exterior only shades with sun protection included, whereas roller shades are a similar product that may or may not include dedicated protection from the sun. These products are very similar and basically come from the same category rendering the solar shades vs roller shades conversation mute.

Treaty Oak Shade Co. is your expert provider of interior and exterior roller shades and solar shades in Austin, TX, and the surrounding communities. Call today to get started on reclaiming your outdoor living areas from the Texas sun and save energy costs with custom exterior and interior shade solutions.

Can roll-up solar screens be cleaned?

Yes. Solar shades and roller shades are mildew and fade-resistant, needing occasional cleaning with mild soap and warm water. The fabric can easily be wiped down by hand or with a commercial spray cleaner. The roll-up system itself should not require cleaning as the mechanism does not contact dirt or dust.

Be careful when cleaning solar screens to avoid damaging the fabric mesh. Avoid direct sunlight while cleaning, and don't use abrasive cleaners or scrubbers, which could damage the screen fabric. Treat Oak Shade Co., your local provider of quality window coverings in Austin, TX, is happy to recommend the best ways to clean the fabric of your roller screens safely. Give us a call today for assistance with your screens.

Treat Oak Shade Co. is your best local company for outdoor and indoor shades and solar screens in Austin, TX, and the surrounding areas. To start reclaiming your exterior living spaces with personalized solutions for roller shades and fabric, give us a call now.

How does a roll-up solar shade protect from insects?

Solar shades or a solar screen protects against insects and can replace regular insect screening on windows, doors, and porches. Besides the exterior barrier, the sun's heat is used to repel pests and keep them away so that you can enjoy the outdoors in peace.

When Treat Oak Shade Co. provides your roll-up solar screens, we install the fabric mesh onto the frames using a unique interlocking system. This system ensures all roller shades interlock securely and prevent insects from making their way through cracks or seams.

A solar screen or solar shade fabric helps keep bugs and pests out, but you can also use a peel and stick insect repellent film on your windows to discourage bugs from entering. Treat Oak Shade Co., your resource for quality window coverings and fabric in the Austin, TX area, is happy to recommend insect-resistant options for your home or business. Call us today!

Treaty Oak Shade Co. is your expert provider of interior and exterior shades and solar shades in Austin, TX, and the surrounding communities. Call today to get started on reclaiming your outdoor living areas with custom shade solutions.

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