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With contemporary custom shades, screens, and motorized blinds to reclaim your outside areas and balance your inside ambiance, we'll help you create the perfect environment for your family, inside or out.

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Motorized Interior Shades

With our vast range of custom interior window treatments, custom motorized shades, and shade products, we can help you achieve your goals with indoor motorized window treatments and plantation shutters. Our motorized shades and blinds products can be customized for any width to minimize glare, privacy, or energy use. Automated systems with cordless remote control options now feature the most cutting-edge in contemporary home and business efficiency.

Beautiful window treatments that are unique and innovative

Room-darkening options to control sunlight and ambient light

Products that increase your home's energy efficiency

Strike the desired combination of style and ambience

Numerous choices of fabric, hardware, and control options

Motorized Exterior Shades

Treat Oak Shade Co. provides skilled craftsmanship and dependable service to Lakeway, TX, and the surrounding areas around Austin. With our sophisticated outside shade solutions, you may enjoy your outside living area at any time. Our variety of outdoor and indoor systems protects your home while also giving it a beautiful look that complements any house or business environment.

Retractable shading systems with automated control

Relax with increased sun protection and insect control

Modern designs to integrate into any decor

Customization is simple, with many fabrics and hardware options

Find the shade option that works best for you!

Most Frequently Ask Questions:

What is the difference between custom window treatments and store-bought ready-made window products?

Custom window treatments are a fantastic method to boost your home's energy efficiency. Window shades, especially in the summer months, are an excellent strategy to get great insulation while limiting heat transfer. If you don't have window treatments, ambient and direct sunshine will transfer heat throughout your home, resulting in a substantial temperature rise.

Interior roller blinds insulate your house during the winter and keep heat from escaping. As a result, your heating and cooling expenses will be lower.

Ready-made window shades are intended to fit a wide range of windows and be easily installed as a one-size-fits-all solution. They're manufactured "off the rack" and might not be the best size for your window or match your décor. Custom blinds, cellular shades, or shutters must be designed and produced according to your preferences after we come to you and measure your windows. This precision ensures they fit perfectly with excellent quality, ensuring that the window treatment is beneficial and attractive.

Treat Oak Shade Company employs higher, more durable components than traditional box shops when producing bespoke products built to order. Every item is tailored to your particular window's needs. Because of low-quality materials and labor, a store-bought window treatment does not have the same quality as a custom-made one. Standard box store goods may result in a shorter life expectancy and inefficiency, not to mention a complicated installation.

Bee Cave, Round Rock, and the greater Austin region are home to your local professionals for indoor and outdoor shading installation, patio cover materials, and shutters to keep your property cool in Texas throughout the seasons.

Can interior roller shades help you save money on your home's utility bills?

Yes! When it comes to energy efficiency, custom treatments are one of the most efficient methods available. Shade products are an excellent method to give insulation and limit heat gain in the summer. If there are no window screens or drapes, the sun's rays can enter a property unchecked, resulting in a significant temperature increase. Custom interior roller blinds also keep heat from seeping out during the winter months, saving you money on heating and cooling energy bills.

Custom motorized blinds can reduce your energy expenses by creating an insulating layer over your windows. Reduced dependence on other heating and cooling systems, such as air conditioners and fans, lowers spending. Rooms may be kept cool or warm depending on the season by using light-filtering options. Many Lakeway homeowners opt for interior roller shades because they are fashionable and cost less. Contact us today for a free in-home consultation.

Interior roller shades also provide a host of privacy choices to block vision into your home, preventing robbers from breaking in since they can't see what's going on inside. Even though you're not there, automation controls allow you to operate your curtains.

Is it more likely that motorized blinds will break down than non-motorized ones?

No. A significant advantage of motorized blinds is that they are more durable than traditional coverings since there are no strings for dogs or youngsters to pull on and no need to straighten slats. Conventional treatments last 3-10 years vs. 5-10 years for motorized blinds and can frequently be repaired, resulting in a considerably more cost-effective option to close your windows.

Locally owned, Treat Oak Shade Co. in Lakeway, Texas, provides a wide range of motorized and retractable interior and external shade solutions to people throughout the region. Many of our clients are surprised by the number of options that automated treatments provide them. Based on your window's dimensions, the number of windows, and design preferences, our staff can do an excellent job offering product suggestions. Contact us now for a free consultation and information on how we may help you obtain the ideal motorized blinds for your needs.

Won't custom exterior screens block my view?

Aside from blackout products and room-dimming options, all of our outside screen materials and colors at Treaty Oak Shade Company will allow complete vision through windows, doors, and patios while reducing light to a minimum. Each insect-resistant, mosquito-proof roll-up solar shade or privacy cloth is composed of breathable fabric that has been specifically manufactured for protection or concealment. Since your view through your window or patio will be through a shade fabric rather than a regular window screen, it will be somewhat dimmer; nevertheless, they will not entirely block the view.

Our bespoke items are created to order using higher, more sturdy components than conventional box stores. Every item is tailored to your window precisely. Since they are constructed of low-quality materials and labor, Store-bought windows lack the same quality as handcrafted ones. Inferior box store goods might lead to increased failures, uncentered operations, and a shorter lifespan. Purchasing custom shades or coverings is a superb method to save money because they will outlast off-the-shelf alternatives.

The Treaty Oak Shade Company is a family-owned and managed firm in Lakeway, TX, specializing in installing and delivering window coverings at a competitively low cost. Our top priority is to be your installers of interior window coverings, outside shades, and solar screens to keep any window, door, or outdoor patio safe from the sun in Lakeway, Round Rock, Cedar Park, Lago Vista, Bee Cave, Leander, and the greater Austin, Texas region. Fill out the form online or call our team immediately to schedule your great experience.

Treaty Oak Shade Company build longterm relationships with our team members, clients and suppliers by working directly with builders, architects and interior designers to achieve the best outcome.

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