Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

December 15, 2022

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

The University of Texas at Austin Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center utilizes native plants to restore and create sustainable, beautiful environments. Through the gardens, research, education, and outreach activities, they aim to encourage the protection of native flora. The Wildflower Center accomplishes its goal through ecological design, study, plant preservation, and landscape restoration. From collecting seeds to designing and planting green roofs, the Wildflower Center uses ecological design to achieve its mission.

The garden designs incorporate native plants that are well-suited to the local climate and soils. By using native plants, they can create gardens that are beautiful and sustainable. The natural history study programs at the Refuge Complex focus on the ecology of native plant communities and the human impact on these systems. They apply this information to develop best management techniques for conserving and restoring native species.

The Wildflower Center has used its research-based and practical expertise of plants and regions to help create and plan healthy environments throughout Texas and the United States. It has impacted more than 90,000 acres of Texas land over the years.

On projects of all sizes, the team has collaborated with architects, landscape designers, engineers, resource managers, conservation professionals, and multidisciplinary design teams. They’ve done high-impact work for both public and private clients such as national and state parks; corporate headquarters; urban developments; institutional campuses; river and prairie restoration; state roadways and botanic gardens.

The Wildflower Center uses a multi-pronged approach to preserve native plants. They have grown to be an acknowledged authority on plant conservation in Texas through collaborations, information dissemination, seed gathering and banking, rare plant monitoring and study, botanical expertise, and citizen science.

The conservation staff works with partners and stakeholders to address the most pressing plant conservation needs in Texas. These needs include rare plant and invasive species monitoring and research, collecting and banking seeds for restoration projects and university-level research, comprehensive surveying and documentation of the state’s flora, dissemination of information, and so much more!

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