How to Design a Room With Motorized Shades in Mind

December 15, 2022

How to Design a Room With Motorized Shades in Mind

Motorized shades have seen a huge increase in design popularity over the past few years, and they are definitely a growing trend among homeowners everywhere.

While one does not often think of motorization when they are designing spaces in their homes, there are several factors that will need to be considered if planning on incorporating motorized shades into your plans.

We will help you consider the important design aspects of motorized blinds to find the best solution for your home.


First, consider what room you plan on installing the motorized shades in. The purpose of the shades will be very important in your decision on what type of motorized shades you choose.

Namely, are you most concerned with your privacy, view, energy efficiency, or sunlight?

Will this be a kid's bedroom, a luxurious lounging space, your master bedroom, or your pool area?

If it's a room for young children, then maybe you choose motorized blinds that offer more privacy and protection from the sun.

If it's a family room where you rely on natural light all day, then maybe you choose semi-opaque blinds that let the light in but still offer you some privacy.

The options are truly endless with motorized blinds, so to narrow down the perfect ones for your design space, start by determining the purpose and function those blinds will serve.

From there, you can move on to the fun design elements: color, material, and style.


Motorized blinds come in all shades and colors.

If you plan to use motorized blinds as their own design element, and not just as a subtle way to block out the sun, then it's important to consider the aesthetic of your window coverings.

Choosing the right color can help bring out certain design features, make them more prominent, and add a sense of completeness to a room.

For example, maybe to add to the peaceful atmosphere in your spa-like bathroom, you go with bamboo tilted blinds for the window treatments.

Or, perhaps you get bold, dark, shades that run the full length of the tall, wall-to-wall windows in your study to make it feel like a professional and scholarly place of business.

Color matters, so make it a priority when you're picking out your motorized shades.


Another important design consideration should be the material you choose.

Do you want wood, metal, plastic, or maybe fabric?

The material you choose gives a very specific feeling to your room. Wood is generally warmer.

Metal is more industrial, fabric is more neutral, etc.

Motorized blinds give you all the same options as traditional blinds and more. They reinvented the wheel with how they're operated, but you can still get blinds and shutters that are made from your preferred materials.

Now, on to style!


The style of motorized shade you choose will also be an important design aspect to consider.

Motorized window shades are incredibly versatile. You can really get any type of blind, shutter, screen, or curtain in a motorized version.

Do you want elegant curtains in your dining room? Maybe some wooden shutters leading out to the patio? Or, a tight-fitting insect screen around your cabana in the backyard pool area?

Again, your options are endless here, so think big!


Another major thing to consider when designing a room with motorized shades in mind is how you want to control your blinds.

Your main options here are battery, plug-in, smart home technology, smartphone apps, and remote control.


Battery-operated is the simplest, but you will need to make sure you have fresh batteries on hand to operate your motorized blinds.


Plug-in is very common, and it's easy. Just make sure wherever you install them there is an outlet nearby (which might be hard depending on things like furniture).

Smart Home Automation

Smart home systems enable you to sync your blinds with your smart home hubs like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Nest thermostat, etc. Syncing your automated window shades to these devices allows you to operate them with voice control.

Smartphone Apps

With this option, all you have to do is open your mobile device and tap a shade to operate it. No more crawling under furniture or cursing in frustration because you're trying to get work done but can't because the light is too bright!

Remote Control

This is a very common way to operate motorized blinds. A remote control allows you to conveniently tap a button on the wall or in your pocket to raise and lower your window shades.

Timed Operation

While this isn’t really a way to operate blinds, it's important to note that many motorized blind options, like the ones sold by Treaty Oak Shade Company, have settings where you can put a timer on them to open and close at certain points throughout the day.

We mention this to you because, in the event that you choose to operate your blinds with a remote control in your home, you still have the option to put them on a timer for when you’re gone during peak sun hours. 

For instance, you can set your blinds so they close during the afternoon, or open at sunrise.

Manual Operation

Just to offer some peace of mind, we would like to remind you that there is always the option to use manual cord control in the event that your motorized window treatments temporarily don't work for some reason.

Each design option has its pros and cons depending on your design space, but overall motorized shades provide endless design potential!

Choose Wisely

With so many design considerations, you'll want to take some time to really decide what type of motorized blinds are best for your home.

When you design with motorized shades in mind, you get the most out of your rooms.

Options can seem overwhelming, but they're a wonderful thing to have, and you can truly create a wow factor in your house with the versatility of motorized shades.

If you're on a design journey and need help with your blinds visit a local company, like Treaty Oak Shade Company, for assistance. They do outstanding work, and they can truly make any space come alive!

You can also preview window treatments on their website to generate ideas for your home.

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