How Long Do Motorized Shades Last?

March 10, 2023

Today's tv systems and smart devices often leave homes with multiple remote controls. Are motorized blinds worth the potential clutter of one more? Yes! Plus, they can be wired to wall switches and are compatible with smart home devices.

With summer just a few months away, many Austin families are looking for ways to make summer 2023 their best summer yet. However, vacations and travel aren't for everyone - sometimes, a great summer investment is all about maximizing your comfort at home!

In the search for a new home upgrade, you likely saw motorized blinds and shades- but will they last long enough for the investment?

The Advantages of Choosing Motorized Window Treatments

Motorized shades offer homeowners tons of convenience and ease, as they are operated exclusively by remote control or wall switch. This eliminates the danger of cords around children and pets and the inconvenience of the cords getting tangled up when trying to open and close the blinds.

Motorized modern window treatments can also be customized in many ways, allowing homeowners to customize the types of light they want filtering in during different times of the day or amidst specific weather conditions. Motorized blinds can also be more energy efficient than traditional manual shades due to their increased insulation ability.

Remote Control Convenience for Your Shades Inside and Out

Motorized blinds are the perfect way to upgrade your room or living space with minimal effort! These motorized window treatments provide flexibility, convenience, and opportunity for hard to reach windows both inside and out and can be available in many styles, such as roman shades.

Exterior motorized shades, awnings, and porch covers are great for outdoor entertaining spaces. They block harmful UV rays while allowing beautiful light to still shine through, as well as providing maximum privacy.

On the other hand, interior motorized blinds and shades offer decorative benefits with many options in color, texture, and pattern. Then whenever you're ready for some extra privacy or want to reduce the glare on TV, you can utilize a remote control or smart device to raise or lower your window treatment.

Reasons Why Cheaper Electric Blinds or Shades Might Not Last as Long as Other Window Coverings

Budget electric blinds, curtains, and other window coverings can provide an excellent addition to any home with their convenience and ease of use. However, one of the possible drawbacks is that they may not last as long as other window coverings.

Since many motorized blinds and shades are battery-operated, you could be faced with inoperable window treatments seemingly out of nowhere.

If standard alkaline batteries are used, homeowners must remember that they tend to weaken over time resulting in a possible decrease in motor performance and an increase in blinds that don't open or close all the way. While lithium batteries have a longer battery life, they may cause your remote control to be non-functional until the batteries are replaced.

Depending on the quality of the chosen electric window treatment, you may also run into issues starting and stopping the motors too quickly - causing greater wear and tear on the motor, fabric, and other components.

Maintaining Your Motorized Blinds and Shades for a Longer Life

Like any other home item, taking care of battery-operated motorized blinds or shades will help you keep them lasting for many years.

As noted above, taking care of the batteries is a huge aspect of motorized maintenance. Whether in the remote controls or the shade components themselves, a dying battery can quickly make a small snag become something much worse.

An easy way to avoid battery problems is to use a smartphone app that allows you to easily track the battery life of each system. Additionally, when replacing damaged components, be sure to use parts designed specifically for motorized shades, not generic parts. By following these simple tips, you can ensure that your motorized blinds last and continue providing an enjoyable lifestyle throughout their service lives.

Skip Low-Grade Store-Bought Options and Consider Buying Customized Quality Made Solutions

If you're considering motorized blinds and shades for your home, why not get motorized decorative window coverings that stand the test of time?

Quality motorized blinds are well worth the extra money and energy it takes for setup. Opt for a motorized shade with lithium batteries, which have longer durations of use compared to traditional alkaline batteries. With options to operate your system by remote control, wall switch, or other smart home devices, you'll find that the added flexibility is more than convenient for on-the-spot or scheduled moves!

Manually Pull the Trigger One Last Time By Calling Treaty Oak Shade Company!

Motorized blinds and shades provide many advantages for your home. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but with a touch of a button on a remote control, you can adjust the level of privacy and light entering your space for years to come.

As a leading supplier of automated shading solutions, Treaty Oak Shade Co can't wait to help you maximize your investment in motorized shades.

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