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Take control of your outdoor space today with outdoor privacy solutions for your home and business. Enjoy a cool, inviting space without sacrificing privacy.

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Block out the sun, light, and peering eyes!

Get privacy and protection for your outdoor entertainment areas, windows, and doors with Exterior Privacy Screens from Treaty Oak Shade Co. These systems can be customized to fit any window, patio door, or sliding glass doors bringing the privacy control needed for any event or time of day.

Outdoor privacy screens blocks out sun and light for privacy while still providing filtered light if necessary and keeps outside onlookers from peering in. Automation systems bring one-touch control for simple, convenient operation. Keep your family and guests cool and protected with these stylish window treatments that can be customized to your home's exterior.

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Exterior Privacy Screen Features

Bring blackout and privacy control to your home with exterior retractable systems while maintaining your interior design.

Add privacy to your outdoor entertainment areas

Darken rooms by filtering ambient light

Protect your home from the bright sun, harsh heat, harmful UV rays, high winds, insects, and rain with roll down convenience as needed

Custom built to add privacy to patios, outdoor living areas, windows, retractable wall systems, sliding doors, French doors, or other openings

Energy-efficient to dramatically reduce temperatures of the shaded space

Exterior Privacy
Manufacturing & Hardware

Manufacturing & Hardware

Achieve the perfect look and protection, with up to 97% UV blockage, by choosing from trusted fabric brands like Sunbrella, Textilene, Mermet, Ferrari, and more

Custom manufacturing and hardware by Rainier and Sunair for residential and commercial applications

Custom built for opening spanning widths up to 25’

Header box sizes available in 3”, 4”, and 5”

Side channels, side tracks, or side cable options available

Automation options available

Exterior Privacy
Automation & Operations

Automation & Operations

Motorized with Somfy controls

Manual hand crank

Sun and wind sensors available for customized warnings

Home automation integration for smart home convenience

Remote control and smartphone control options

Exterior Privacy

What Other Customers Have Asked:

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Outdoor Privacy Screens?

Block out the sun, rain, wind, and neighbors' nosey eyes from your open backyard, garden, windows, or doors with outdoor privacy screens. Custom built for almost any size; outdoor privacy shades provide the ultimate solution for anyone that needs privacy or protection from the heat and weather conditions.

Built to fit any dimension, exterior privacy shades are made of heavyweight mesh material and a hard exterior coating; therefore they are designed to last for many years.

Unlike privacy screens that are secured to a backyard fence made of wood, metal, or bamboo, our privacy screens for outdoors are retractable and motorized for easy use. Some homeowners use modular bamboo privacy panels, but these temporary solutions offer results that may vary and quickly break down in the elements. A motorized outdoor privacy screen is the best solution for securing your backyard.

Not only do outdoor privacy screens provide privacy and protection from the sun, rain, wind, etc., but they add beauty and elegance along with security to your home or business. They allow you to view your exterior sights, scenery, garden, and decorative fence with the added bonus of privacy when desired.

No matter how big or small your outdoor privacy needs are, a rolling privacy screen, outdoor motorized blind, and exterior shades can be customized to fit any yard, garden, window, or door at a low price. You will never need to worry about outdoor privacy screens blowing away in strong winds or ripping off from being knocked over by children or pets. Become a valued customer today and get an affordable price on this featured, natural looking product to match your home!

Are some colors easier to see through than others?

Although you can see through fabrics of all colors, it is much easier to see through darker fabrics since dark colors absorb light, and lighter colors reflect light. In contrast, lighter-colored materials do shade better because they reflect light. For privacy purposes, exterior shades usually are made of light-colored fabrics.

The color of exterior home window screens primarily depends on the buyer's preference, what ambiance they want to create inside, and what they want to see through their outdoor shade. Many often will choose a darker exterior screen with a lighter interior in order to have more privacy. Others may choose a lighter exterior and darker interior so that they can see exterior views of the their yard and garden through the exterior shades. Results may vary, but our team of consultants can help you create the perfect atmosphere with our brand of shades.

If you are buying exterior window screens for a business, such as a restaurant or an office setting, then darker exterior screens will always be more appropriate in order to maintain privacy and security. Lighter-colored exterior curtains may be used if people need to see outside from within the building.

Will a Privacy Screen make my patio hotter and muggy?

No. Outdoor Privacy Screens are designed with material that block out the heat and glare of the sun. Without direct sunlight, your space will be significantly cooler on hot days than with the blinds or drapes open. Your patio is also less likely to become a sauna when you have patio shades down during muggy summer months.

By using outdoor privacy screens in place of air conditioners during summer days or heaters in cooler months, you can save money on energy bills. These privacy screens keep the heat out on hot days, blocking out harmful UV rays from the sun that raise temperatures and can damage your furniture and patio paint. And on colder days, these outdoor screens help hold the heat in.

Public spaces use outdoor privacy screens too. Many commercial spaces are using privacy screens to help keep out the prying eyes of would-be shoplifters and related problems. These screens keep indoor temperatures cooler in summer months for a better customer experience. Businesses can also make an exterior patio and garden more private for their patrons by blocking out unwanted noise, especially in entertainment venues.

Are Outdoor Privacy Screens challenging to raise and lower?

No. Motorized systems make Outdoor Privacy Screens simple to raise and lower. When you order and install an Outdoor Privacy Screen, you will have a few options, including manual or automatic operation. Additionally, some products and systems may need to be hard-wired, while other related products can operate on batteries.

Home automation systems provide one-touch control. Set your shades to lower and raise at certain times while you are away from home. Your shades will also respond to weather conditions such as sunlight exposure, wind speed, or rain.

Our featured automated systems also offer remote control and smartphone control for customer convenience. With a simple tap of a button on an app, you can control your screen from anywhere.

These control system products from Treaty Oak Shade Company make it easy for our customers to secure their backyard from unwanted prying eyes and create an inviting space to relax. Most privacy screens secured to a backyard fence made of metal, wood, or bamboo, only match the height of the fence, and portable bamboo panels provide minimal coverage. Our outdoor screens are retractable and motorized for easy use to provide complete privacy and peace of mind.

Join our family and become a customer today! Trust the Treaty Oak Shade Company brand of featured solutions. Family-owned and operated, we offer the best natural looking product at an affordable price.

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