Custom Exterior Screens

We craft the backdrop of your outdoor living experience with custom-made shades tailored to your lifestyle and preferences.

exterior shades by treaty oak shade co

Custom Exterior Screens by Treaty Oak Shade Co.

  • Custom Screen Features:
  • Custom Screen Specs:
Custom Screen Features:

Outdoor living on your terms! 

Take advantage of the warmth and light of the sun with our quality, custom-made products. Made to simplify and beautify your experience outside, we offer outdoor shades that deliver practical function with a luxurious feel. We've always stayed on the cutting-edge of the industry when it comes to quality material selection and manufacturing techniques to provide you with the best install solution for your outdoor space. With manual and motorized options, custom manufacturing, and precision installation, and superior service, Treaty Oak Shade Company is your partner in outdoor living!

Turn your porch or outdoor space into a place that you'll enjoy every season, whether spending cool winter mornings or sunny summer afternoons.

Secure your privacy and outdoor living space from the hazards of nature.

Allow in plenty of natural light while also blocking out heat, wind, and glare that might make it hard to enjoy your home.

You deserve to enjoy your home all year round and from every angle.

Custom Screen Specs:

Manufacturing & Hardware:

Choose fabric from a vast selection of popular and trusted brands, including Textilene, Mermet, Ferrari, and more. 

Capture the perfect look while adding up to 97% UV blockage protection

Custom Manufacturing and Hardware: Rainier or Sunair

Custom-built solutions for widths spanning up to 25’

Custom header box sizes available in  3”, 4”, and 5”

Multiple side channels, side tracks, or side cable options available

Automation & Operations:

Automation options available for smart home design and control

Home automation integration with smartphone controls 

Motorized with Somfy controls

Optionally installed hand crank for manual operation

Install sun and wind sensors for customized warnings and notifications

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What Other Customers Have Asked:

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Custom Exterior Screens provide privacy?

Yes, depending on the material used in the shades. In general, any shade will diminish visibility to a degree because of the material, but visibility through exterior screens and shades depends on light location. Lighted interiors allow inward visibility at night, while sunlight during the daytime diminishes inward visibility. Solar screens, bug screens, and roll-up shades will provide a degree of privacy even though their primary purpose is sun and insect protection, respectively.

If the goal is privacy rather than solar protection from a solar screen, Treaty Oak Shade Company consultants will walk you through the fabrics and designs that specialize in providing privacy control. Get a free consultation today to protect your home with custom exterior shades! Become a Treaty Oak Shade Co. customer, and experience custom exterior screen designs at affordable prices with fast shipping and quality products. Treaty Oak Shade Co. is family-owned and operated, and your one-stop solution to protect your home.

Are Custom Exterior Screens considered energy-efficient?

Yes, custom shades that limit the sun like a solar screen will help with energy efficiency. In particular, solar screens and shades are without a doubt the #1 solution to block the sun from entering your windows and doors. Solar screens block a large majority of the sun’s UV rays from hitting your glass, limiting heat gain. The more heat gain is reduced in your home or business, the less your A/C will have to run saving energy costs and the environment. A solar screen uses specially made fabric to block UV rays, limit heat gain, and provide privacy for your home and outdoor living space.

All of Treaty Oak Shade Company's custom exterior screens and shades are energy-efficient, whether solar screens or privacy shades, because they help impede the UV rays of the sun from penetrating a window, door, or patio, making the inside space cooler in the summer. Free yourself from the headache of annoying glares or extreme heat gain from your windows with our custom shades that protect your home and outdoor living space.

Become a customer today, and join the Treaty Oak Shade Company family with affordable online service, fast shipping, and quality products. Family-owned, and operated, custom screen designs are our specialty because we know how to provide the best protection for your home's exterior.

Will Custom Exterior Screens block my view?

All of our exterior screen products and shades at Treaty Oak Shade Company will allow complete visibility through windows, doors, or patios with slight darkening, except for blackout privacy screens or room darkening products and shades. Each solar screen, insect screen, roll-up solar shade, or privacy shade is made of breathable fabric that is designed specifically for protection or privacy. Since your view from your window or patio will be through a material, it will be a little darker, similar to looking through a standard window screen.

Become a valued customer today with a free consultation, and join the Treaty Oak Shade Company family with affordable service and shipping. Family-owned and operated, we are your partner for interior and exterior shades and solar screens to protect any window, door, or outdoor patio. Contact us online or by phone to get your project started.

Will adding Custom Exterior Screens reduce fading of my curtains, carpet, furniture, or artwork?

Yes, any of our exterior screen products and shades will offer some solar protection, and thus reduce the fading and bleaching of window curtains, carpets, and other interior items. Solar screens offer the best protection from UV rays, sunlight, and heat for your home and drastically limit the fading and bleaching effects through a window, door, or porch. In addition to solar screens, privacy shades and room-darkening shades will help reduce any fading of interior items through a window or glass door.

Contact Treaty Oak Shade Company today for a free consultation, affordable service, and quality help to decide whether a solar screen, privacy shade, or another protection product is right for you. As a valued customer, our team will design and recommend the best product for your lifestyle, windows, doors, or patio to give you a customized solution to your exterior treatments. Family-owned and operated, Treaty Oak Shade Co. is your one-stop, online solution to protect your home.

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