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  • Cellular Shades Features:
  • Cellular Shades Specs:
Cellular Shades Features:

A better way to control light and heat from your windows!

These versatile window treatments offer different benefits depending on your needs with minimal installation time! Whether you’re aiming to enjoy as much natural light as possible, protect from heat or glare, or both – the cellular honeycomb design keeps your home safe and cool in the summertime while also protecting against those blistering cold breezes in winter.

Our magnificent selection ranges from basic textures and styles to highly textured custom patterns beautifully designed just for you.

You have the option to choose from a range of different cell sizes available for every window.

Treaty Oak Shade Company’s Cellular Shades can answer nearly any need with a variety of shade configurations.

The honeycomb-shaped cells provide insulation during the cooler months for effortless operation and excellent energy efficiency all year long.

Available in specialized shapes to fit skylights, custom windows, and other unique windows.

Cellular Shades Specs:

Manufacturing & Hardware:

Matching the headrail to the curtains delivers a modern look without the need for a valance.

Snap-in steel brackets are durable and easy to install.

Made from a range of high-quality fabrics that provide varying levels of light control and privacy.

Automation & Operations:

Cord Lift

Continuous-Loop Lift

Cordless Lift

Motorized control – battery or continuous

Home automation integration

Control with a remote or smartphone

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of cellular shades?

With their honeycomb design, cellular shades are energy efficient, easy to install, easy to clean, come in various colors and fabrics, and are customizable to fit almost any window style.

Do cellular shades pose a risk for children or pets?

Ensuring safety is a top priority for window coverings for homes with children or pets. Our cellular shades come with cordless and cord-safe operating systems to make sure there’s no danger near the windows.

Can you wash cellular shades?

Yes. Our cellular shades are durable and easy to clean. Although most of our fabrics do not require frequent cleaning, occasional vacuuming or feather dusting is necessary to maintain their bright colors. You can submerge our light filtering curtains in water for washing. Blackout curtains must be spot-treated.

Are cellular shades waterproof?

Cellular shades consist of many different layers, including some that may resist moisture penetration. It is suitable for bathrooms and other moist regions to use a cellular shade made from water-resistant materials. If you need to buy blinds for your kitchen or bathroom that may be exposed to moisture, the cellular shades with water-resistant fabric can be a good option.

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