Can Roller Shades Be Outside Mount?

December 15, 2022

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Long story short, yes, you can outside mount roller shades in your window opening. However, today, we will back up a little bit to explain what exactly we mean by "outside mount" and learn about what "outside mount" means and how it differs from other mounting options.

Keep reading to learn more and to find out if outside mount shades or inside mount blinds are the best shading solution for your home.

What Does "Outside Mount" Mean?

"Outside mount" refers to a specific method of mounting window coverings in your home. Contrary to the way it sounds though, outside mounting does not mean mounting your shades on the exterior of your home.

Outside mounting is when you mount window treatments on the interior home, and on the outside of the window frame or on the wall around the window frame. We'll help you visualize since this probably still sounds confusing.

Picture this: Your windows at home. They are likely sunk into the wall, with a window frame around them and a window sill that you set your cute plants or knick-knacks on. Now, picture where your blinds, shades, or curtains are mounted in relation to the window. Are they mounted on a rod in between each side of the window frame? Or, are they mounted on the face of the frame or on the wall somewhere around the top or sides of the window trim? If your shades are mounted like that second scenario, that is what an outside mount is. The other one is considered an inside mount.

Outside Mount for Roller Shades

Roller shades can be inside or outside mounted. The decision to go one way or the other will be dependent on factors such as your style preferences, your window frame, the brand and style of motorized window shade you buy, and the overall design of your room.

Want to know if outside mount roller shades will fit with your home, or what they would look like in your home? Contact your trusted local shading experts at Treaty Oak Shade Company in Austin, TX today to get a quote and talk to a knowledgeable shade installer.

Why Would People Want an Outside Mounted Shade?

When outside mounted, roller shades can be used to cover your windows from top to bottom. The outside mount will also give you more control over how high you want the shade to go since there are no trim pieces that can limit how far down it can reach on each side. By lifting it up higher than necessary, you may even be able to set a sheer curtain behind it for added privacy. Inside mount blinds and inside mount roller shades can also block out a lot of light and provide privacy. Inside mount blinds usually let in a little strip of light along the perimeters of the inside of the window trim, but that doesn't bother many people who think inside mount blinds look better than outside mount blinds.

Are Outside Mount Window Treatments for You?

Contrary to how the term "outside mount" comes off, it really is just another way to fit your roller shades to your interior windows. Instead of fitting within the box of the window, outside mounted rollers, shades will be mounted on the face of the window frame or on the wall around the top of the window frame.

Outside mount motorized roller shades may or may not work with the style of your home, or with your window frames, and they may or may not be offered by your window shade manufacturer or installer. To find out more about your home shading options, contact your motorized shade experts at Treaty Oak Shade Company in Austin, TX. Get a free estimate from their knowledgeable team for your home shading project today!

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