Bee Cave Arts Foundation

December 15, 2022

Bee Cave Arts Foundation

Are you ready for a buzzing good time? Then you need to make a stop here! The Bee Cave Arts Foundation was established in 2010. The mission of the Foundation is to improve the quality of life in the community and to enhance visitors' experiences by bringing awareness, education, and integration of a wide range of art into public spaces. Since its inception, the Foundation has created the Bee Cave Sculpture Park, installed artist-made benches throughout Hill Country Galleria, hosted hundreds of exhibitions by student and professional artists, and provided year-round workshops and summer camps for children.

Hill Country Galleria, The Hive, located across the street from Barnes & Noble, houses both a community arts center and an exhibition space for the Bee Cave Arts Foundation. Volunteer services, community service projects for volunteers, local artists' work, as well as art classes for adults and children are all available at The Hive.

The Bee Cave Arts Foundation offers art classes, workshops, and events all year at the Hive for kids of all ages and skill levels, including Summer Art Camp. Painting, Drawing, Ceramics & Cooking are among the Summer Camp's activities! All courses are taught by highly experienced instructors using a Master-Artist-inspired curriculum and are offered for kids aged 5 to 14. Every week there is a new project for both children and adults. The Hill Country Galleria has a lovely Gallery/Studio area with which to enjoy it. There is also a Spring Break camp! The cost for these camps is $255 for a half-day and $475 for a full day!

At the Bee Cave Arts Foundation, they think that art has the power to improve many aspects of life. Engaging with the arts has been shown in studies to promote empathy, problem-solving skills, and resilience while also reducing stress. These abilities are more essential than ever before! Bee Cave Arts Foundation is the heart of the arts and culture in Bee Cave. It fosters a culturally vibrant community by providing experiences that leave a lasting impression, opening doors for future artists through a discussion that engages creative possibilities inherent to ourselves, our community, and visitors to Bee Cave.

There are a number of things to see! The goal of the Benches of Bee Cave program is to enhance the aesthetic appearance of our public areas, to use everyday interactions to create art and to help people construct a greater sense of belonging with useful and inspiring pieces of art.

The Bee Cave Sculpture Park is sponsored by the Bee Cave Arts Foundation. The Park is open from sunrise to sunset and is free to visit. Dogs on a leash are welcome! The Park provides an interesting and long-standing art experience in the middle of town. One of the park's draws is its diverse collection of sculptures, which include works by many artists in a variety of artistic genres and materials. With seven acres of beautiful natural surroundings, there's plenty to explore! There's a natural pond as well as several indigenous plant species within the tranquil outdoor location.

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