Austin Aquarium

December 15, 2022

Austin Aquarium

Experience thousands of animal species and interactive exhibits at the Austin Aquarium! Since 2014, Austin Aquarium has been the region's top family attraction. They adore offering once-in-a-lifetime experiences like sharks with Kangaroos!

A wide range of amphibians, an interactive lorikeet and parakeet aviary, and a variety of cold water and tropical fish are among the exhibits at Austin Aquarium. Austin Aquarium also has sharks, a stingray touch tank, a rain forest filled with hundreds of reptiles, as well as our newest family members, Ring Tail Lemurs and Coatimundis!

The Austin Aquarium provides children and families with access to the ocean's excitement and learning possibilities without requiring them to go all the way to the coast. Without leaving Austin's city limits, guests may observe jellyfish float and glow while admiring brilliant and colorful corals. The Ring-Tailed and Red Ruffed lemurs are so energetic and enthusiastic that they enjoy greeting youngsters.

Each animal encounter is interesting and satisfying. In fact, the only places in the United States where visitors can interact with lemurs are the Austin and San Antonio Aquariums! So, whether you're meeting our Ring-tailed or Red Ruffed lemurs for the first time or feeding our stunning Stingrays, Sharks, Iguanas, Tortoises, Lorikeets, and more, you'll get a memorable experience and memories to treasure!

A variety of amphibians, lorikeets, a parakeet aviary, and a range of cold water and tropical fish including sharks and stingrays can be found at the Austin Aquarium's highlighted exhibitions. The rain forest vivarium features hundreds of reptiles, Ring-Tailed lemurs, and our Coatimundis.

The Austin Aquarium provides a number of unique interactive experiences to immerse you in everything the deep blue sea has to offer. Guests can feed sharks, rays, birds, and fish through hand-feeding. Get up close with the kangaroos and lemurs or touch one of the caiman lizards. Above all, the Austin Aquarium uses an exciting and educational experience to help children learn. The sharks' and rays' delicate skin, as well as other experiences, is sure to amaze everyone.

The Austin Aquarium allows kids and families to enjoy the thrill and learning opportunities of the ocean without having to go all the way to the coast. Guests may watch jellyfish float gently and glow while beholding vibrant and colorful corals without leaving Austin's city limits. They offer several educational programs for children as well as behind-the-scenes tours for those interested in learning what it takes to keep an aquarium functioning smoothly. They also provide additional experiences such as birthday parties, octopus encounters, and the “Sleep with the Sharks” program.

There is so much to do at the aquarium, so be sure to plan enough time so you can see everything!

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