Are Retractable Screens Worth It?

February 9, 2023

Fixed screens are so 2010 - ever notice porch screens simply sit outside faulty and unusable? Move past just the panel screen door of your factory home and design an ultimate space perfect for any Texas weather ahead.

If you've been considering adding retractable screens to the exterior of your home, you're probably wondering if they're actually worth the investment. We get it - there are a lot of products on the market, and it can be tough to know which ones are actually worth your money.

But never fear; we're here to help! In this blog post, we'll break down the retractable screens' pros and cons so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not they're the right fit for your home.

What a Retractable Screen Is and How It Works

Retractable screens are an innovative way to enjoy the outdoors beyond the standard screen door familiar to Texas homeowners. With retractable motorized porch screens, you can use the space at your leisure and gain peace of mind against intruders and other unexpected visitors.

Even a high-quality fixed screen system can only stay open or closed, but a retractable screen system can completely or partially cover doorways and windows with just the push of a button. Motorized retractable porch or patio screens run on motors, allowing them to retract into cassettes, allowing for superior versatility required for patio and outdoor enjoyment as needed!

The Benefits of Replacing Your Fixed Screens with a Motorized Retractable System

Retractable screens are becoming popular for many Texas homeowners and businesses, as they offer some great advantages over even the best quality fixed screen systems. With retractable awnings and screens, you can bring in natural light and fresh air without trading off privacy or protection from bugs.

Unlike permanent screens, which can disrupt the interior’s aesthetics and prevent the interior from having valuable light when needed, retractable screen systems are designed to merge into the overall look of the property both inside and out.

Furthermore, due to their unique ability to be retracted out of sight, they remain virtually invisible when not in use. This provides flexibility with temperature control and is ideal for those warm Texas days. A retractable screen door and exterior system offer countless opportunities to let the spring, summer, and fall breeze in while keeping pesky bugs out—so why not make your indoor and outdoor areas more comfortable with a retractable screen system today?

The Various Forms of Retractable Motorized Porch Screens and Shades

As newer systems become available, local companies must specialize in indoor and outdoor shades and blinds to provide their customers with the best types of retractable systems. Whether you're looking for something that can fit a flex outdoor living space, or if you want just one motorized system for both a ground-level screen porch and a second-floor screened porch, it should have the option to be controlled from inside the house with a wall switch or remote control.

Screen door frame solutions are also available, allowing customers to leave the door open for a nice summer breeze without worrying about attracting pests. Shade and screen experts like Treaty Oak Shades Co. take each order as a custom made-to-order process with colors and options to add that extra layer of comfort and security - perfect for every Texas homeowner!

The Best Way to Get Your Retractable and Fixed Screens to Fit Just Right? Hire a Professional!

Knowing exactly how to measure and install a window for a retractable screen can feel overwhelming, but don’t panic! Working with the latest deck screening technology requires experienced professionals to ensure your high-quality screening systems are installed correctly.

Rather than sweating through attempts to figure it out yourself, save yourself the headache and let the pros handle it; they know all of the latest tips and tricks and have a great eye for detail that is essential when it comes to outfitting both indoors and outdoors with custom made shades or blinds.

With their expertise on your side, you can be confident that every corner gets taken care of properly and enjoy having peace of mind knowing you're getting not just any retractable screen but one that will last for years.

Get the Retractable Motorized Screens of Your Dreams with Treaty Oak Shade Co.

You should now better understand the different types of retractable motorized screens available on the market and the many benefits they bring. Retractable screens are a simple and effective way to enhance your indoor or outdoor space, giving you extra amenities such as privacy, insect protection, natural light, and airflow without sacrificing style or space.

However, if you plan on investing in retractable screens for your home, it is important to remember that accurate measurements and professional installation is key to ensuring a successful product. Therefore, it's best to trust an expert like Treaty Oak Shades Co, who will get your system correctly installed the first time. Get in touch with us today so we can bring life back into your special outdoor space!

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